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Treasures of the Jersey Shore

Does the color of each piece vary?

All of our wampum pieces are a combination of the naturally occurring purple and white colorations. While the style and shape of each piece is consistant with the images depicted on the website, the striping does vary. We select the most beautiful striping patterns that compliment each shape.

How can I have something customized?

If you are looking to have a shell arrangement customized, or would like to place a special order for anything shell-related, please contact Patricia Kingman at treasuresofthejerseyshore@yahoo.com.

If you would like to have a wampum jewelry piece customized or would like to special order any pieces of the wampum jewelry, please contact John Kingman at treasuresofthejerseyshore@gmail.com.

Do you use Sterling Silver on your wampum jewelry?

Yes, we do! Almost all of our wampum jewelry is crafted using Sterling Silver accents, unless otherwise noted. In the event that the design of a product requires a great deal of silver, we may opt to use Silver Plating to keep the cost of the item down. Each product description states whether the silver is Sterling Silver or Sterling Silver Plated. Both materials are of the highest quality.

Can you ship shell baskets, wreaths, or other arrangements?

Absolutely. We bubble wrap, and pack each piece with great care and love to make sure your items get to you unharmed. Each creation is special to us, and we make sure they arrive to you as beautiful as they left us!