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Treasures of the Jersey Shore
Our Story

Husband and wife, John and Patricia Kingman are oceanographers, ecologists, environmentalists, and educators. The "Jersey Shore" is their home for study, research, and conservation. Their appreciation of the ocean and beaches have led them to create exquisite, award-winning, one-of-a-kind artwork. They are dedicated to educating others about the bountiful beauty that is found along the area beaches.

Together, John and Pat comb the shores for natural treasures. They are inspired by what they find on each trip. They use their creativity and talents to find every collected piece a place of honor on each basket, wreath, etc. 

Avid collectors and inspired educators. Ask them about a shell, and you may just get a slide show and walking tour of the Jersey Shore!

Johnny Kingman Jr.

John is a full time elementary school teacher and high school basketball coach.  He joined his parents' business in 2011.  John runs the website and began designing jewlery in 2012.

John uses Gemstones, Swarovski Crystal, Sterling Silver, Czech Glass, Pearls, and more to create beautiful pieces for you. He is greatly inspired by the beauty of nature, meeting new people, and hitting the road to work craftshows.