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Treasures of the Jersey Shore
Wampum Jewelry, Shell Baskets, and More...
Treat yourself to a piece of the Jersey Shore!

Wampum Jewelry

Wampum jewelry is made from the purple part of the Quahaug Clam Shell, Mercenaria mercinaria, found along the Jersey Shore.  This shell has an ancient cultural significance to the Native Americans of our notheastern coast. The white and purple shell, known as "wampum" has been prized as a symbol of LOVE, WEALTH, and POWER. 

Shell Creations

We comb the beaches up and down the Northeastern Coast searching for natural treasures such as exquisite shells, flowerlike seaweeds, driftwood, and sea glass. We then create shell baskets, wreaths, mirrors, lamps and more using what we have found. The result is always breathtaking and unique. All of our shell creations are one-of-a-kind.


Your Special Event

Let us know when you are planning your next beach-themed event. We can create lovely shell centerpieces, candle arrangements, wampum jewelry, and whatever you can imagine. Perfect for weddings, bridal showers, and special celebrations.